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Watch vs black hole

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    what does happen if i threw my watch into a black hole??
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    You don't see the watch fall and the clock work.
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    that what i want to hear!
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    Your watch will appear to slow as it approaches, and virtually halt by the time it reaches the event horizon. Photons emitted, or reflected by the watch face can no longer escape the intense gravity of the black hole.
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    and when it's infall does seem to have virtually halted to you, it will keep showing virtually the same time to you,
    but light from it will get redder and redder until it is no longer detectable.
    It will apparently fade away into non existence.
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    It ticks (as measured by you) slower and slower, you see it redder and fainter, getting closer and closer to the horizon but never crossing it. In reality it crosses the horizon, no problem, you will just never see it. And so the black hole gets heavier by the mass of a watch.
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    The watch will start to slow once it approaches the black hole and as it enters the black hole the watch will stop.
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    So many people answered the question and there is no reason to bump the thread. Let this be the last.
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    ohhh sorry i forget to thank all who helped me.
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