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Weight Capacity

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    I am trying to determine the weight capacity of a steel storage shelf i am making. The shelf will be 119in long with a 10in upright every 37in. The shelf will be made out of 2x2x1/4 HSS. In order tod etermine how much it can hold, do i determine how much each 10in column can support with a force straight down?

    if doing that i determined the reactions at each upright for one side,

    R1= 2/5WL
    R2= 1.1WL
    R3= 1.1WL
    R4= 2/5WL

    W= max uniform load applied (unknown)
    L= length (37in)

    Just curious if im doing this correctly or if im forgetting about something.

    thanks in advance!!

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    What's the width of this shelf?

    In addition to the max load the supports can handle, you should also check the bending/shear stresses in the horizontal supports as well.
    With such a short support length (10"), buckling of the supports may not be the limiting factor in determining the max. load.
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    14" wide.

    Also i thought of that as well but its been a long time since iv done stuff like this which is why i wanted some advice.
    How would i determine my max bending/shear stress?
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