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What can I do for my further study?

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    I now is studying the Applied physics in a university of technology in China,which is not the best university in China ,just rank about the 30th .In our school there is little famous physicist and the lab equipments are so poor.we just study the books.I dare say,we study just for passing the exam ,so the teachers.
    In competitive society ,what can I do to improve my ability ?
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    First, ranking isn't the best way of evaluating a university.
    You should do your own evaluation: are you growing in that university? Does it keep you motivated? How is the environment? If you aren't growing in there, consider switching.

    I've always been at schools who didn't rank so well, however I'd never switch to other school who performs better in rankings. I am sure that being a dedicated person in a not so well-know university is a lot better that being negligent with your studies in the best university in the country.
    You should study more. Studying only for exams is a recipe for future problems and kills any differential you may have - especially in a competitive society. You say your teachers aren't good. Well, be your own teacher. Study hard.
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