Engineering What can I do with Chemical engineering?

  1. Hello,
    I am concerned for my future.
    I am interested in Chemical engineering as a subject, but the idea of spending my career making chemicals, being in oil/gas, or even in pharmaceuticals depresses me.

    I would like to get involved with environmental engineering, or work in sanitation or wastewater.
    Is this possible? How easy is it?

    I think I would be happy in the public sector, but if not, I would also be happy working for a large corporation in their environmental department, just to feel that I am doing a good thing for the environment.

    Does anyone have any experience with this?

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  3. You can feel good about yourself by finding things that are *less* damaging to the environment, without necessarily finding things that are completely benign (though that's the best outcome)... Replacing some current extremely toxic compounds with some slightly toxic would be good trade IMHO.
  4. Why not just do environmental engineering? ChemE's can do it, just rather smelly work. Environmental Engineering is typically an easier degree
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    Chem Es can do a ton of stuff. Lots of engineering grads can. It would be really tough to find a person with an engineering degree from a well-ranked school that can't handle the baisics.
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    Actually, what you describe is more "civil engineering."
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