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What different types of on-grid solar systems are there?

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    What different types of on-grid solar systems are there?

    I got asked this question but I don't know what makes on-grid solar systems different from each other. They are both tied to the grid / utility company.

    The only two types I can think of are rooftop solar system (for homes, offices, etc.) and an actual PV power station (that is used by the utility company)
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    How about stations that use mirrors to focus light on a tower that boils water to make steam and spins a turbine?

    Did you mean to restrict your question to PV solar?
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    No, they just have to be 'on-grid' systems
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    Well then, your answer is very broad, Since almost all our energy comes from The Sun, then almost all power plants past and future are "solar". Nuclear power is the exception. Our nuclear power comes from the energy of other stars, not our Sun.

    The sun evaporates water from the oceans, which becomes rain, which is captured behind a dam to make a hydro power plant. Solar energy used in photosynthesis makes plants grow, which become fossil fuels. And so on...
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