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What do most CAD engineer's advance into?

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    I am graduating next month with a B.S. degree in Industrial Technology (not engineering); most of my coursework consisted of 'production planning', 'cost analysis', a few math courses, an algebra based physics course, electricity fundamentals, and my electives (total of 122 credit hrs). Did some Ironcad/Autocad/Rhino3d as well. GPA should be about 3.1 cumulative.

    I have accepted an offer with a company to re-design components for mining and construction equipment, they are training me on SolidWorks and PRO/E for a few months and then I begin my remodeling work (good 50k+ salary in the Midwest too!). I understand that since I did technology and had only one calculus class that I cannot become a PE, which can limit my promotions within the company and this industry.

    What can someone like myself do to create more opportunity for advancement/growth in the CAD industry? MBA for engineering management? Do you forsee CAD work being outsourced in the future like programming is today?
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