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What does this equation mean?

  1. Feb 23, 2013 #1
    what does K(q",q;T)=Ae(q",q;T/π mean? For I have been reading and I fell upon this equation.

    ( I am only 10 so could you make it clear for me?)
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    One of the things you will need to learn in this foru.m, even for a "10" year old, is that you must cite the source that you are using. So you have been reading. Great. Now tell us exactly the name of the book, the author, the date it was published. This is what we require of everyone who wishes to ask about something they read or come across.

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    It seems unnecessary to require the date. :smile:

    But we do need to know where you found this. Not just for compliance with forum rules, but because we won't be able to answer the question without knowing the context. The same symbol can mean different things in different books. The best kind of reference is a link to the exact page at Google Books. If that's not possible, just tell us the name of the author and the book, and the page number.

    If you found it on a web site, you may want to link to the site. But we're not big fans of crackpot sites (sites where some person who doesn't understand what science is presents his personal speculation). So we'd rather not see links to such sites.
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