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What engineer would be involed in this?

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    Well first off this is my first post and I'm a first year engineering student. I've always loved boating and stuff like that and was wondering as to what kind of engineer would be involved in the desin of the hull and the boat as a whole. Not so much the materials but like the shape and maybe the tower on a wakeboarding boat? I've just been thinking about some possible things I'd want to do when I get out of school.
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    Some schools have ocean engineering programs.

    - Warren
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    would a mechanical engineer work on a boat other than its engine?
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    Oh heck yeah. As MEs, we deal with pumps, fluids, thermodynamics, structures...you name it. Think of any system on a ship and an ME could be part of those who developed it. Even in electrical systems.
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    cool! Thanks guys!
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