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I What explains this potato light socket & battery?

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    There is an interesting video @ Facebook about a potato that is made into a light socket & battery:


    Now, I see how the generation of energy is done in the way that a "lemon battery" is done, here using the different metal coatings of the screw & base section of the light bulb, but I am an unclear on what is going on with the circular magnets.
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    Charles Link

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    Interesting video, but my impression is that it is fake.
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    yeah, would have to agree ... the magnets and turns of wire are not doing anything and everything....
    the wires from the magnets and the terminals of the globe are completely shorted out by the fluids in the potatoe
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    Totally rubbish video. It is either a mains voltage bulb or a joke shop LED bulb with a battery inside it. See this link.
    I am clear that Nothing is going on with them. :wink:
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    People get paid per view. That's why there are so many fake videos on the web.
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