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What if objects go toward each other rather than away

  1. Sep 17, 2006 #1
    If we all objects for some reason stop, then by gravity, they will all start submerging w/ each other. Well, what I was wondering is that if that happens, would it be satisfied when everything becomes one, or would it start getting more and more dense till it can't get dense anymore and then big bang?
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    "If all the objects in the universe suddenly stopped, and fell toward each other by gravity, would they come to rest once they're all part of one object, or would they begin getting more dense until they can't get any denser, and then form a Big Bang?"
    Is that right?

    They would begin getting more dense (long before they became one object) and would form black holes.

    They would not form a Big Bang, they might form what is better known as the Big Crunch.
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    Hey now...! I just answered this, and here is is again. Little glitch there. Sorry, Dave... you beat me to it, but I didn't realize that the same post was duplicated until I hit this one.
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