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What if the universe is not a bubble, but a sponge?

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    Is it possible that a Type III Parallel Universe theory could accomodate the idea of universes being bubbles, with a semi-permable outer membrane, that sits in a hyperspace made of dark energy. During it's cyclic inflations and deflations, it could absorb (and expel, respectively) dark energy through this semi-permeable membrane, literally causing expansion and contraction. Now, I know there are a lot of problems with this initially, but if it were really thought on, do you think a structurally sound theory could arise from this idea? (I know I'm probably not the first one to think of this)
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    It's possible that we're a zit on god's rump... do you have any basis for this beyond the fact that it's an interesting notion? I know of no observational evidence that would specifically rule this in, and as I've never heard of the notion before I doubt there is much to rule it out.
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    Well, if I were to explain this "notion", as you so eloquently put it, in more detail, it does use or "borrow" many ideas from different models. I tried to type the whole explanation out the other day, but it took so long that by the time I had finished, the site had logged me out due to inactivity. But it goes a little something like this: The universe is a frozen bubble due to over expansion that eventually lowered the universal temperature filled completely with dark energy with all matter being reduced to it's smallest forms. It collides with another active and hot universe, the resulting energy, jump starts deflation, causing a rather violent contraction. It's sort of like defibbing a heart. This contraction causes the universe to expel dark energy through this semi-permeable membrane. Once the contraction has reached the smallest point possible without collapsing into a singularity, it starts to re-absorb the surrounding dark energy, causing expansion. This cycle continues with lessening extremes after every inhale (contraction) and exhale (Inflation), until there's that final exhale that returns it back to it's frozen state of below absolute zero.

    There's more detail, but I don't have time to type it all out at the moment.
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    I'm sorry, but this sounds like an entertaining personal theory without any substantive basis, and this violates forum rules. Just a heads up.
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    So is there anywhere I can go that actually supports independent thought? Because it seems that this site discourages creative thought spawned from a "what-if" kind of theme. It seems to me, that "You better have supporting evidence, or just shut up and don't bother anyone around here" kind of thinking goes on. Don't get me wrong, this site is great for asking questions about theories that have been published. But, when it comes down to creative, original thoughts and ideas, it seems the ToS says "Take that junk somewhere else, because we don't want any".
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    I wouldn't take it the wrong way; from what I've gathered this site focuses on established theory because it aims to be educational and a kind of recorded resource. If you have any questions about what is accepted or not, I'm sure you can ask any of the mentors, but not being one myself I don't want to give you bad advice. There are certainly other sites where you can spitball personal theories... I think Physorg is one, but I would give PF a chance too. It may be you that you discuss mainstream physics here, and share your personal theories elsewhere... getting the best of both worlds.

    I just hope you don't take this personally, because it's just a matter of style and format, nothing pejorative against you or your thinking.
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    Yes, that's its purpose.
    If you believe that you can meet some minimum scientific standards, you can submit your ideas to the https://www.physicsforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=146". If not, well, take that junk somewhere else, as you put it.
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    Or for that matter, it could very well be that .. we all live in a yellow submarine ..
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    Ha! We do, and needless to say, I am the Walrus. Koo koo ka choo
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