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What is a CDD camera?

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    I was wondering, is a CDD camera(e.g. FreLon detector) the same as an ordinary semiconductor detector (e.g. Pilatus detector). I have searched a little on the CDD camera, and for me it seems like the same thing. Wave Energy -> electron hole pairs -> signal.

    Or have it something to do, with the way the signal is measured?
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    You probably mean a CCD camera with a CCD type of sensor in contrast with CMOS censors?

    There is quite a bit of difference
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    Okay. As i understand it they are both semiconductor detectors, where the number of generated electron hole pairs says something about the signal.

    I think i got some of it. In a CMOS the charge-to-voltage conversion takes place in each pixel. In a CCD each pixel’s charge packet is send to a common output structure, which converts the charge to a voltage.

    Is this right?
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