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What is a happy Family ?

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    What are the key factors to ensure a family is happy?


    What else ?
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    Lots of testrimony that money isn't necessary. "We were poor but we didn't know it".

    I think health problems are a stress on any family. You may want to be all good and kind and giving to the sick one, but it wears. But even here I know of cases where the people were happy.

    I think the basic requirement is to start with happy type people. People who see the glass as half full, and who are strong enough to smile in adversity and rejoice in good times. I don't know if a happy couple can pass it down to their kids. Never any guarantees on the personalities of kids. But I've seen some good results (long term - everybody has an awkward age) among my friends.

    My own family has not been so much happy as solid, loving, and strong.
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    I’m not an expert. There are many factors to be considered but these are things most people ignored.
    Guys - spend time with your wives and kids. Ladies - try to cherish your husbands. Get yourselves a pet or two in the family. Always try to understand and appreciate the differences.
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    I think there are many factors in a happy family, and that there isn't necessarily a fullproof formula. What works for one family might not work for another. It really depends on individual members of the family and how they interact.

    One key factor is interaction. If a family spends a certain amount of "family time" together, weather it be around the dinner table, or an afternoon outting occasionally, Then they will be more involved in each other's lives and aware of what's going on with each other. Another key factor is respect. If the family members respect each other, then there is cohesion, and this brings about a sense of closeness and more interaction. Those are jut a couple of major factors involved I think.
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    Well, I figured out a few years ago, that in order to make anyone else happy, you must first be happy yourself.

    And I think alot of people fool themselves into thinking there happy, and later in life find out differently. Then things fall apart.

    My family wasn't happy until it was split. I love my mom, and uhh, I pretty much forgot about that other fool.
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    LOVE LOVE LOVE, all you need is LOVE.
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    http://www.angelfire.com/magic/yingbiaoling/lhsister.jpg [Broken]
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    cute kids:D I'm assuming this is your family? :smile: So are you offering your family up as an example:wink:Ok so which one is you?
    I'm just waiting for the "disfunctional family" post so I can show off my family

    Althought I'm all for progression, in one aspect I believe america could take a lesson from much of the rest of the world, and that is family. I've found that other cultures still have a great respect for family, and respect to thier elders, and other such things. Whereas other cultures believe in caring for thier family relatives, and see it as a duty, or part of life, americans don't do that. A great deal of young adults in america will finish school, find a job and move away from home. Some do care for thier elderly parents, but it's the exception nowadays rather than the rule.
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    I am the one who held an "angpow" with my new born baby. Besides me is my sister with her kids.
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    Congratulations on the new baby:smile:
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