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What Is A Preon ?

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    What Is A Preon ???


    Anybody got some nice introductory online texts on preons ?

    thanks in advance

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    Preons are the biologist's or biochemist's domain. Big, heavy, complex molecular structures causing mad cow and BSE, they are. In size, I understand they stand between macromolecules and virus.
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    I thought preon's were part of an attempt of some more fundamental theory than the Standard Model. I heard the theory suggests quarks and leptons are made up of subparticles called preons, but i think the theory has been disregarded.
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    That's a prion :P

    A preon is a hypothetical element of quark substructure.

    Google reveals there's a big book written by Kalman and D'Souza on them called "Preons".

    astro-ph/0410417 might be a good place to start coz its written for astrophysicists (i.e. non-specialists)
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    Ok, I'll shut up now.

    Hopefully the biologists copied the name from the physicists and not the other way around. I would be disapointed...
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    thanks for the replys...

    chris, i"ll check out the article that you gave, thanks

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    Just stumbled onto a section on Preons in a Sci Am book called Particles and Forces - At the Heart of the Matter, edited by R Carrigan and P. Trower. ON p213 they quote Jogesh C. Pati of the Univ of Maryland. It goes for 4 pages before turning to a Rishon model. Other names include Hidezumi Terazawa, Yoichi Chikashige, and Keiichi Akama at the Univ of Tokyo. O. Wallace Greenberg and Joseph Sucher at Univ of Marlyand are also noted.
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    A search for "preons" in the arxiv shows a lot of different concept. It is really a very tempting word, from the usual termination -on for any element or reality (of "being").
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