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What is rotary wheel-like appendages

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    what is "rotary wheel-like appendages"

    what exactly do you mean by "rotary wheel-like appendages" what does it mean that we can not use rotary wheel-like appendages???..... then what can we use???
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    Re: what is "rotary wheel-like appendages"

    Presumably, this is part of a description for building a device for a competition?

    The rules are forbidding the use of wheels for locomotion. It is pretty easy to create a device that operates on the same principle as a wheel but that is not called a wheel (such as rotary paddles, like a propellor turned sideways for traction). The rules are forbidding all such devices.

    Think of other forms of locomotion. Nature has done a fabulous job of achieving locomotion without ever managing to have invented the wheel-and-axle.
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