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What is slope?

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    What is slope.
    Is it rate of "average change" or "rate of instantaneous" change?
    Please elaborate
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    I'd ask you to elaborate instead.

    Slope is, in my experience, generally an instantaneous rate of change. Or I should say, most useful as an instantaneous rate of change. you can calculate an average slope though, there is nothing wrong with that. It just depends on what you want to do.
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    In mathematics the slope or gradient of line describe its steepness, incline or grade. In other words we can say that a slope is a surface of which one end is at higher level than another
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    because i m confused b/w tangent line and slop!
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    tangent lines are a frequent example of an instantaneous manifestation of slope. Linear regressions are an example of how average slope might be used to describe a data set.
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    sorry very difficult explanation. cant get that.
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    not too difficult if you know what the words mean :smile:

    A tangent line is an instantaneous slope for the most part.

    Linear regression is a method of statistical analysis for a data set. Basically, someone will do a survey and come back with all their random data which is all over the place. They can then do a linear regression (which gives the a line with a certain slope value that is said to represent the "disorganized" data set). In other words, the line represents the average slope of the entire data set.
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