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What is tha graph of carnot cycle

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    what is the graph of carnot cycle in P-V plane using black body radiation? given the internal energy U=aVT^4 where a is the stefan's constant and P=(1/3)aT^4. thank you
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    What's the carnot cycle have to do with black body radiation....
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    "An electromagnetic radiation contained in an evacuated vessel of volume V at equilibrium with the walls at temperature T (black body radiation) behaves like a gas of photons having an internal energy U=aVT^4 and pressure P=(1/3)aT^4 where a is the stefan's constant, then plot the closed curved in the P-V plane for a carnot cycle using black body radiation"
    this is actually the question
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    i'm also looking for solution's manual of modern course in statistical physics-reichl and thermal and statistical physics by tobochnik, hope you give some link on that thank you
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