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What is the Landau-GinZburg-Devonshire free energy?

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    Who can explain the Landau-GinZburg-Devonshire free energy to me.
    In which book can I find this conception?
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    The Word Free Energy is a False Statement.

    All those Free Energy Concepts should be called Alternative Energy.

    You can not Get Energy for Free.:bugeye:

    Crackpots call it Free Energy, A Researcher would call it Alternative Energy if it was Acceptable by the Scientific Community as a viable source of Alternative Energy given without Crackpottery.

    Alternative Energy is the Conversion of one form of Work or Energy into usable Energy.

    The Statement Free Energy has a Curse upon it just as Perputual Motion has a Curse upon it, It is not accepted in the Real Scientific Community and can be highly falsified just as thousands of others have using the terms Free Energy and Or Perpetual Motion as Advertisment of their scheme.:rolleyes:
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    Are you joking or something? If you have indeed studied your statistical physics course then I apologize.
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    I haven't come across Landau-GinZburg-Devonshire, but I have come come across Landau-Devonshire, which is an extension of Landau to weak first-order transitions with additional terms in the free energy expansion.

    Lines, M. E., and Glass, A. M., 1979, Principles and Applications of Ferroelectrics and Related Materials

    Devonshire, A. F., 1949, Phil. Mag., 40, 1040; 1951, ibid., 42, 1065; 1954, Phil. Mag. Suppl., 3, 85.

    Damjanovic, D., 1998, Rep. Prog. Phys., 61, 1267.
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