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What is the minimum temperature to make lasingaction possible in laser

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    Hello friends,
    I would like to know the temperature dependence of LASER for its action. At What temperature the laser action is possible and realisable? Any references, links and help is appreciated.
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    I don't think lasers are temperature dependent like that.
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    Usually the emission wavelength of your lasing medium will have some temperature dependence and therefore shift with temperature. The resonator length will also change a bit, but will usually introduce a smaller shift than the lasing medium. Depending on the mode structure of your resonator, this may mean that the overlap of the emission lines of your lasing medium and the resonator mode of interest may become better or worse with changing temperature.

    Also depending on the nature of your lasing medium, non-radiative relaxation processes may play a role at high temperatures in e.g. semiconductor lasers. This tends to increase the threshold a bit.

    There are more details, but it would be good to know beforehand which kind of laser you are interested in and whether it is rather the physics or the engineering aspect you want to focus on.
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