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What is the percentage of heavy element of the sun?

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    what is the percentage of heavy element (heavier than helium) of the sun? (not the photospheric composition)
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    I can't answer this exactly, but I think that during star formation, the collapsing gas cloud is assumed to be a homogeneous mixture. If not, there could be significant convection throughout the majority of the proto-star, which mixes the elements into a homogeneous state. The sun is on the main sequence right now, so no heavy elements are created inside the sun. This means that given a homogeneous initial mixture, the heavy element composition in the interior of the sun should be the same as the photospheric composition.

    Wikipedia says that the sun's metallicity = .0177
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    Vanadium 50

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    It's of order 1.6-1.8%, depending on the model.
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    Just know that it's a very small percentage but much larger than the mass of Earth.
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