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What is the suitable motor can be used ?

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    Hi all

    we have a simple car which carry around 5 person ..

    for that car we want use battery or electricity connected to motor to drive the car

    Can please tell me which motor I can use here that able to move 5 person and It should cheap

    because I don't have money hhhhh ? ...
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    jim hardy

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    can please give me picture for a golf cart motor

    and how much will be ?

    and now problem to use electricity form the battery of car witch is 12 V ?

    or if there any battery can used and able to recharge

    and my last questions


    which device I can use for increasing the speed and slow down

    I mean I want device that when I push it the speed increase and when increase more the pushing the speed is also increase and when I remove me foot the car will slow down

    so I want device which make the speed proportional to the pushing
    which is connected to the motor
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    jim hardy

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    here's a link with "how to" for electric vehicles.


    if that doesn't go try this one


    here's a 1914 electric car, which proves you don't need complex electronics
    http://www.union.edu/N/DS/s.php?s=7260 [Broken]

    http://news.cnet.com/2300-13833_3-6247323-10.html [Broken]

    and a short intro to a real pioneer of EE

    old jim

    A variable resistor in the field wire will control a DC motor.
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