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Homework Help: What is this equation?

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    What do I use when momentum is conserved? Please post.
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    Hey honey! Here is the equation you would use!

    Mass 1 x's Vi 1 + Mass 2 x's Vi 2=mass 1 x's Vf 1 + mass 2 x's Vf 2

    and you are given that Vi 1 is 4 m/s and the mass 1 is = to mass 2 so there u go babe:)

    Century deeppink
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    Debbie said it well. :smile: If you add up all the momentum of all the things moving before a collision, it must equal the momentum of all the things moving after the collision.

    If you have a specific problem that you're having trouble with, go ahead and post it, along with your thoughts on how to solve it, and we'll help you get it done.

    - Warren
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