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What is your therapy?

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    what do you do in your spare time? do you play music? create things? sleep? eat?

    i have a little list:

    quiltmaking (only a beginner)
    hiking (portland oregon has many parks)
    reading unusual books
    physicsforums (of course!)
    and playing with my two little ones
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    Squashing ants

    Writing long polemics without any punctuation about the stae of the world today

    Shouting at strangers in the street

    Building a catapult to send myself to Mars.
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    It varies over the course of time. Once, I used to cut, drill, grind, and buff Heechee necklaces (some hippie friends got me involved in that for a couple of years).

    Fix things that are broken. It can be nearly anything, and I enjoy repairing something for another as least as much as I enjoy working on something for myself.

    Listen to various types of music while relaxing in a couch or hammock, letting the notes play my emotions.

    Explore terrain and marvel at nature from interesting vantage points (increasingly harder for me to do as my body deteriorates).

    Travel. I was in Lost Wages (Las Vegas) this week, for example. Speaking of that trip, while waiting in the airport for a flight to Phoenix yesterday, I did my only gambling during the whole visit. I dropped four quarters in a video poker machine and was dealt a straight flush (clubs, 7-J). I won 200 quarters, sweet way to leave.

    Other things not coming to mind presently.
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    I was in vegas not to long ago for a friend wedding- It was all very last minute(like 2 days notice) so I was flat broke and went with maybe 20 bucks to my name. We were all broke, so we just watched the groom gamble. Well I cashed in 10 of my 20 set on this being my only gambling. Well on my last 3 bucks I hit the jackpot and won like 250 bucks- spent 50 of it on craps, and went home with 200. Was a good trip
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Working around the property
    Reading physics books
    Watching science shows
    Researching weird stuff
    Playing Piano

    Making highly provocative statements designed to make others question their opinions. I do that a lot here.

    To me, teaching physics to other lovers of science is about as therapeutic as anything else I do. I almost went into teaching for this reason.

    Of course my new favorite:
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    Ivan Seeking

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    A supreme moment from my younger life: I once rode a 20-25 footer, [as measured from the back of course] near the Seal Beach Pier, that came from a hurricane down off Baja. WOW! I almost died but what a ride! The people that ride the big ones are REAL MEN; even the women!
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    I don't relate to the concept of spare time, not really. I'm an anarchistic woodbutcher and make organic art out of trees...like growing in your bedroom, holding your bed up and growing out of the floor like in the kids' book, "Where the Wild Things Are." I also have two children and we all like to sing and play video games. I like to cook and follow other people interested in philosophy, tree forts, woodbutchery, and music.
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    Free time helps to clear the mind, ease the senses, and ease our sense from the daily grind that is life. I've found that my clarity of thought depends on a somewhat regular regemin of absolutely nothing productive.
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    Ya it's a recent hobby for me(still a beginner) I picked up when I reloced. There is something to be said for the ultimate freedom one experieces when becoming one with the ocean

    EDIT: this is actually in reponse to Ivan's post. quoted the wrong post.. lol
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I must make one correction. I never rode waves like that on a surfboard; I was Boogie boarding at the time. I must say though that some of my most memorable moments were spent on the waves. For about 15 years this was by far my favorite hobby. One note on Boogie boards: Falling down the 30 foot face of a wave on your belly, head first, with your nose about 6 inches from the water, is a definitely a worthy experience...as long as you eventually surface again. Like I said; WOW! This is about the only thing that I miss about S.Cal...that and Disneyland.
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    sounds like you do what you love at anytime...most of us however don't have such an opportunity, never-the-less, will all still need our own therapy (aka hobbies)...
  13. Jul 26, 2003 #12
    I'm hoping to have that experience someday;) I'm still in the boogie board phase myself. although I'm almost ready to outlay on a nice longboard.

    Any recommendations for a good spot? I've been going to laguana and newport.. also tried out malibu once (I had to just for the sake of doing it once).

    Oh ya, and I also play piano too- and a little guitar- suck at both, but find them both relaxing and fun Hey we should get the Physics forum band going! Little funk, little blues- something edgy-how's your blues style on the piano?:)
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  14. Jul 26, 2003 #13
    Anything computers. Whether it be coding, building my website, administering my server or just surfing the net. I've also been learning physiscs independantly from my mom's old college text books. I can't wait till next year!
  15. Jul 27, 2003 #14

    Ivan Seeking

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    And I'm sure all very mathematical.

    I will PM some surfing info so check your inbox.
  16. Jul 27, 2003 #15

    I used to like TV, but now find it annoying. Internet is more interesting.

    Also running and keeping fit.


    Learning new things. Currently finance.
  17. Jul 27, 2003 #16
    I spend my spare time, learning to play the guitar, playing on my computer PC and gamecube, and playing sports mainly football(soccer). Since i have passed my driving test i really enjoy driving and find it very relaxing just to go for a drive on a quiet country lane. I really should walk and cycle more often, to save the planet and all but driving is so much more fun.
  18. Jul 27, 2003 #17
    *rolls his eyes in exasperations and disgust*

    freakin english. Quiet drive on a country road- are you sure you're not 50 ?

    Go out, and lay some treads, or do a neutral drop in front of kensington while your buddies chuck some eggs at the the palace guards, then floor it outta there at about 140 KPH. Now THAT is what you should be doing!

    If you don't know what a neutral drop is, let me know and I'll give you instructions. What kind of music do you play on the guitar?
  19. Jul 28, 2003 #18
    Freakin english! you must be having a laugh you foolish american cowboy,(i say hoping that your american) these quiet country lanes are nothing like the roads you think they are, they are roads that are advised to take at 40 mph, thats very very slow for the straights but as soon as you come to a corner you need to be doing alot less than that, so the fun/relaxation comes in seeing just how far your car can go before it starts to go straight into a ditch, very unforgiving roads if you step of the road by a few inches your as good as dead, at that speed anyway.

    I dont recomend speeding at all it is very dangerous and not big or clever.

    I probably do know what a Neutral drop is, but i dont know it by the name you hav given it.

    I and only learning to play the Guitar at the moment but the stuff that i would most like to be able to play is anything by Guns N Roses, Rolling stones, Led Zeppelin the Who, and so on.
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