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Calculators What kind of scientific calculator should I buy?

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    Hi. I was wondering if anyone would share with me some insight about what calculator I should purchase? I'm a returning student in the fall, majoring in physics with engineering option. It's been so long since I've been in school though that I may end up having to take a trig/algebra II class and pre-calculus before even getting to calculus. So, I may need something for trig/alg, pre-calc, calc, physics and engineering. Thanks for your advice.
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    Three answers:
    1, Any scientific calculator will do, you only need trig, roots and ln() even for grad school - anything else use a computer
    2, Get an HP50 cos a Texas Ti89 is 0.1% less efficient at some function you have never heard of
    3, Get an Texas Ti89 cos a HP50 is 0.1% slower at drawing graph function you will never use.
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    Pretty much spot on.
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