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What material changes temperature fast?

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    What sort of materials or elements heat up really fast but also cool down fast as well?

    Thanks in advance
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    Materials with high thermal diffusivity: thermal conductivity divided by (density x heat capacity).
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    @Chestermiller is correct. I was incomplete in my answer.

    Just to clarify: a low heat capacity means you only need a little heat to increase the temperature [say by 1 Kelvin], and a high thermal conductivity means that this heat is 'absorbed' by the material fast.
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    What about the cooling down?
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    Same, of course.
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    Wiki says: Diamond is renowned for its superlative properties ........... In particular, it has the highest hardness and thermal conductivity of any bulk material.
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    What about its thermal diffusivity? How does that compare?
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    It depends on how you heat and how you cool the material. Is it by radiation, convection or thermal conduction?
    What shape is the material? A fine sheet of mesh will heat and cool very rapidly. It would be easier to make a mesh from carbon fibre than diamond.
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