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Courses What math course is best for me?

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    I took High School Geometry and I am going to Finger Lakes Community College in less than a month. FLCC recommended that I take Pre-Calculus but I signed up for College Algebra but I do not know Trigonometry. Also the college offer Trigonometry Course

    After FLCC I want to go in to nuclear physics what college in New York has a good nuclear physics program.

    Also LOVED math in high school
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    You need to know trig no mater what. Most pre-calc is college algebra + trig, plus depending on your instructor, you may get into limits. Id just stick to precalc.
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    Can you check the course descriptions to see if there is a recommended order? I would tend to think that College Algebra precedes Pre-Calc... but the course descriptions from the course catalogue (which is now often available online) should help. The catalogue should also have a description of the trig course. If prerequsites aren't shown, the numerical order of the courses should help. I'd also feel free to contact the members of the department to see if they can give some advice (especially contact instructors of the courses of interest... they would want ot have you in their course... but of course want you to be properly prepared for that course).

    Also: Did you take any algebra in HS before taking HS geometry?
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    Yes, I took Algebra 1 all the way to right angle trig basic I mean
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