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What software would be good for writing a book?

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    What software would be good for writing a book?
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    I should ask, what kind of book do you mean?

    There is a far cry between a physics textbook and a pulp fiction novel, which would require entirely different resources.

    For the latter all you would need would be a standard word processor like MS Word.

    For the former its more complicated.
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    Latex is great for both.

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    Well, i m finding one for writing physics book
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    This is what I use:

    http://www.texmacs.org/index.php3 [Broken]

    The only thing is that the windows version isn't as feature filled as the linux/unix versions.

    The program is great because I can start a matlab session right inside of the document itself.
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    Depends on whether you want to write a novel to make your living off of or you just want to write a story for fun or something. Usually, unless you are really serious about publishing your book, the default text application (word on windows and whatevertheyuse on mac) should work fine.
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    On the way of testing the software, i found another few softwares. One of them is Scientific's Software, u can check it out here http://licensing.mackichan.com/

    Anyone using this software, or do u hav any idea abt it?
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