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What team, football, rugby, hokey, other, do you support, if you

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    What team, football, rugby, hokey, other, do you support, if you moved to a different area would you still support that team.
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    Re: Teams

    Scientific teams!
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    Re: Teams

    Born and raised in Wisconsin, it is somehow encoded in my DNA to be a Packer's fan. It will never change. Ever.

    I also am a Brewers (baseball team) fan, but I am not much of a baseball fan.

    I have no favorite hockey team, but I enjoy watching the Capitals since I live within their local viewing region currently. I usually support Ireland and Scotland in the Six nations cup for rugby if I get a chance to see them. I have recently started following Everton in the Premiership since both Howard and Donovan play for them, but I don't follow too closely. Domestically, I support DC United for soccer, since I live in their local right now. We had no MLS team in Wisconsin, so I have no real close ties to any one team.
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    Re: Teams

    I support Celtic FC and Chelsea FC no matter where I live. I will always support the Habs. The Twinks no matter what!

    Basketball. . . meh.
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    Re: Teams

    Another aspect of sports that I never really got.
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    Re: Teams

    I support the team that happens to be losing the match I'm watching. If they then gain more points than their opponents, I'll switch to supporting their opponents.
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    Re: Teams

    I guess you could call this 'supporting the contest'?

    For my main sport, soccer (football....) I support the team from the area that I myself am originally from. Rangers FC. This won't change! For other sports I enjoy that weren't played professionally in my homeland, I rolled a dice to decide who to support.
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    Re: Teams

    I would agree that its much funnier to play than sit at TV, stuff yourself to death with hamburgers and beers, for the noble purpose of putting even more fat on your belly, and later do a proclamation in front of your wife and friends " God, I love sports. We won".

    But such is the human nature. One would rather watch then go down in the field and try for himself. And industry does capitalize on it.
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    Re: Teams

    Manchester City and McLaren, and moving wouldn't change that.
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    Re: Teams

    Though I do not really care for sports I certainly have more fun playing than watching. I occasionally watch billiards, though I prefer playing, and while I like certain players I enjoy the game itself much more. I don't ever feel like I won something if a player I like wins and if they lose a good game is still a good game. Not that I really consider billiards a sport either.
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    Re: Teams

    Yeah, I was generalizing, not speaking about you. Sorry if you misunderstood, I apologize. I illustrated a behavior which seems to be prevalent in the ranks of sports fans , who never been themselves involved in sport from any other position than looking.
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    Re: Teams

    I don't understand how someone could get so excited when a team they like wins a game. They identify themselves with the team, as if they had a hand in the success of the team, then brag to someone else that the team won. I don't get the bragging. "I told you they would win." Well what does that mean? You just proved you're psychic? Or you just proved you had a 50/50 chance of guessing which team would win and you happened to be correct?
    Some people seem to get more excited than the actual players when their team wins, or more dejected than the players when the team loses. I guess that's because the players go home to their mansion and the fan goes back to his squalor with none of that empty joy they wanted from being a fan of a winning team.
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    Re: Teams

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    Re: Teams

    You've made yourself an enemy!
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    Re: Teams

    Why on earth do you support celtic? I thought you were from the US.
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    Re: Teams

    My Grandpa's family is from Glasgow, and we are Catholic, which is one of the rivalries between Catholics and Protestants.

    And besides, the Hu. . . erm Rangers are the worst time to ever step onto the pitch.
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    Re: Teams

    I was agreeing with you man! I know it may be hard to swallow but I do not always argue with everyone. :-p

    edit: if only there were televised team debating.
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    Re: Teams

    I'm originally from Detroit and really enjoy when the Lions lose. After all, why should they be any better after I left? :tongue:
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