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What the spectrum of radiation of stellar objects depends of?

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    In the “ Theory development ” forum I develop my theory of a general origin of all fundamental forces. As an example of practical application of this theory I have developed the table of spectra of radiation of stars and fogs in dependence from a value of their magnetic and gravity fields. I ask to compare my results to an existing database and to make the conclusion about conformity.
    The table is in the attachment.

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    You will need to quantify the labels in your table, only then would it be possible to make a comparison.

    Before you go collecting data on stars, I suggest that you read up about the luminosity-radius-temperature relationship, e.g.:
    http://www-astronomy.mps.ohio-state.edu/~depoy/courses/AST162_LECTURE_NOTES/Unit1/hrdiag.html [Broken]
    and the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, e.g.:
    http://cassfos02.ucsd.edu/public/tutorial/HR.html [Broken]

    It will then be a simple exercise to calculate the surface gravity of any star in the H-R diagram; you will then have a gravity-spectrum relationship (the spectrum of a star is a much more detailed description than 'colour').

    To begin with, you may assume all stars have 'weak' magnetic fields; once you've done the first stage of the research program I outlined here, you can start looking into variations due to magnetic field.

    BTW, what do you mean by 'fogs'?
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