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What To Choose?

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    HI I am hesitating now about CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, since it has so many applications, NUCLEAR , beacuse I am kind of interested in it, and maybe it will be HUGE in about 10 years or so, when there is no oil :D and PETROLEUM , because it has the highest salaries!

    I am at Texas A&M. please tell me how to determine my future career. I am so confused and i don;t have much time to think about it. SO please HELP!
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    Hm since you got to A&M, Petroleum engineering wouldn't be a bad choice. I say that because you live right next to Houston. It shouldn't be hard to find an internship for Andarko, Exxon-Mobile, or Chervon.
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    Remember that as oil becomes harder to find, the investment in R+D and engineering to get it will go up.
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