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B What will happen if i throw a cricket ball through Saturn's ring

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    Suppose i hit a ball with a speed around 177km/hr(when it is near Saturn's ring), will it cross the saturn's ring or it will move around saturn just like other dust partices, what will happen if the speed is around 344 kmph(speed of sound).
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    It can neither orbit or escape regardless what direction you through it in It will fall into Saturn.

    The rings orbit the planet at thousands of kilometers per hour!
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    Is it because of its g= 10.44m/s^2 or what's the reason?
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    Saturn is really really big. Its mass 5.683 × 10^26 kg. For an object to orbit Saturn in a circular motion, You would need a really high velocity.

    Try using Newton's gravitational law and centripetal force to get a sense of how large the velocities have to be.
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    There is no ballistic approach to a planet that will give you an elliptical orbit. You have to change your orbit when you are near or, if you don't crash, you carry on along a hyperbolic orbit and disappear off into space. The orbit change could happen due to interaction with other orbiting junk, which could slow you down by just the right amount and at the right time but retro rockets are what's normally used.
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    What will happen if i throw a cricket ball through Saturn's ring?

    You will score a really good run (or should I say wicket?). :rolleyes:
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    "I said if i throw", and throwing doesn't gives any run:-p:DD
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    You said hit in the post, if you meant throw then the batsman might get runs for overthrows.
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    So this is the base for playing cricket in saturn in near furture whether the ball is overthrow or not.....
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