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What will happen if I wrap the router in metalic foil

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    What is going to happen if I enclose the whole router with the antenna in a metalic ( aluminium ) foil as it emits signal ??? Don't ask me why ? Just as a crazy experiment. It looks like a microwave oven case but I'm not absouloutly sure ?
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    jim hardy

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    Give it a try. One experiment is worth a thousand expert opinions.
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    If you put the router into a good quality shielded box with RF filtering on the power going into the box, very little of the RF signal will get out of the box (or into it from outside). Wrapping aluminum foil around the router will have some shielding effect, but nowhere near what a good shielded enclosure with filtered power will have.
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    I did... not a router, just the tin foil.
    It makes a really lousy hat... IMEO. [COLOR=#black].[/COLOR] :oldbiggrin:
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