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What would happen if

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    Say you didnt get your nutrients from the food that you eat for..say a week? I mean not like on that movie supersize me where he only eats mcdonalds for a month, but if you actually got none of these nutrients, providing that you could live for a week without them. Is that possible? I mean, is it possible to live for a week without any nutrients at all going into your body?

    Another question, if it happens to be the answer to my first question that you cant live without nutrients for a week, how are these nutrients or why are these nutrients so important to our body? Is there a certain nutrient or are there specific nutrients that give us the ability to live?

    And if you possibly could live without nutrients for a week, then does that mean that it takes time for the nutrients you consume to become 'active' in your body?
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    Yes, you can go a week without nutrients. Basically to survive, you need water first, calories second. The quality of the calories of course will eventually lead to whether you are healthy or suffer from nutrient deficiency, but this develops slowly over time.
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    ahh, thank you, that clears it up for me.
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