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Homework Help: What Would Happen To The Wave-particle Dualism If Planck’s Constant H=0?

  1. Dec 14, 2007 #1
    Hi could somebody help me with the question above? I think If Planck’s constant was 0 then the energy in that region which is proportional to the frequency of the light wave would be 0 also. But I think I'm way off! Please help!
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    therefore f= E/0

    Dividing by zero destroys the universe
    Uh oh!

    Sorry I just couldn' resist:)

    Dunno honestly don't have a clue . .
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    De Broglie's wavelength is given by the equation

    [tex] \lambda = \frac{h}{p} [/tex]

    where h is Planck's constant and p is the momentum of the particle. What happens to wave-particle duality if h = 0 should be fairly clear now.
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    uhhhhh ....It isn't to me:uhh:
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    h = 0 then 0 * (1/p) = ? 0x = ?
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    If you take the limit as Planck's constant tends to zero then quantum physics reduces to classical physics.
  8. Dec 15, 2007 #7
    Yes, that means there will no such thing as wave-particle duality. Waves will behave like waves and particles will behave like particles.
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    Thank you !!

    Thanks to all for answering the wave-particle duality question...
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