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Homework Help: When and where do two objects meet?

  1. Nov 15, 2009 #1
    tow students are randomly attacking each other with water balloons. one student is on the roof and the other is on the ground below.

    the student on the roof throws a water balloon straight down with an initial speed of 5.2m/s and the student below throws his up at a rate of 7.1m/s. if the height of the building is 10m,

    determine where and when the two balloons meet??
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    [tex]x_f=0-5.2t-.5(9.8)t^2[/tex] equation #1
    [tex]x_f=-10+7.1t-.5(9.8)t^2[/tex] equation #2

    These two equations equal one another.

    solve for t, then solve for [tex]x_f[/tex]

    unfortunately this assumes the boys height is zero. Are you given the boy/girls height?
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