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When studying physics did final exams always stress you out?

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    i have an A in chemistry, and i have been stressing that i will bomb this final exam, and all the hard work that went into getting an a will not be noted, because my final will turn into a C for the whole semesters .
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    In general, tests don't stress me out; I've somehow learned to relax during tests to optimize performance.
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    well yeah im the exact same way. maybe i phrased the question wrong. i meant in the weeks leading up to the final of course lol.
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    I always feel a constant weight on my shoulders during the school year. There's always homework or studying you could be doing. Then I feel unhinged after finals. Then I miss school because grunt research gets boring. Then school stresses me out...
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    Sure I felt stressed during finals as an undergrad. Heck, even in grad school I've felt stressed out, even though I know my grades don't matter anymore. I remember feeling a lot better this last Monday after turning in my quantum field theory final (which, by the way, was the last physics class I ever have to take). I think some day if I ever become a professor, I'm going to make the final in my classes worth 5% of the course grade.
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    Oh, most definitely. I could barely sleep the night before my last final. I woke up at 5am unable to go back to sleep, so I just started studying again.
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    I was always terribly stressed during those years, but it's hard to separate out the stress due to exams and such, from the stress of being hand-to-mouth poor for so long.
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    I was never stressed for physics exams, because those were the ones I KNEW I could do well on and the exams in that course weren't curved. It was the courses that curved grades that stressed me out, because you never really knew where you stood based on your actual scores on exams, but had to wait until they figured out how well everyone else did on the exams.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I was a complete stress case. No matter the fact that I always finished at or near the top of the class, every midterm or final weighed on me like the end of the world. Oddly, the stress was there but didn't really affect me until after the finals were over. Like clockwork, after the tests were over, and even if I knew I had done well, I would go into a pretty severe depression for several days.
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    I never stressed exams because I knew what I knew. By that point its too late to worry about it. Had some poor grades but they were usually expected going in.
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