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Where did the frequently asked physics questions go?

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    I saw a few weeks ago a bunch of responses to frequently asked questions were put up as a sort of "Stop asking us these same damn questions" reference. Where are they? Did they get taken down? Have my penguin eyes become useless?
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    In which forum did you find these FAQs? The FAQs in the General Physics forum are still there.

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    Actually when Greg was posting them, I saw them when I queried 'new posts' and they seemed to have been scattered around their respective forums (QM questions in QM subforum, cosmology threads in the cosmology forum, etc).

    They weren't the Physics FAQ that is posted in the general physics forum. They were all separate threads addressing certain frequently talked about topics.

    EDIT: OHHHHHHHHHHH I see! They were only made for Cosmology and General Math. I could have sworn more forums got a FAQ section.

    The general physics section really should have threads of it's own. I think the problem with the Physics FAQ thread is that people see it as how a typical website has a FAQ which says things like "This is how you post an image. This is how you delete a thread". It's not obvious that it literally does mean frequently asked questions in the physics sense.
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    It will be done shortly.
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    Get to it Greg. Chop Chop.
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    I agree. Even I thought that it was a guide on how to use the site when I first saw the FAQ.
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