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Where do atoms came from?

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    What caused it to suddenly create a universe? What caused the singularity to change into the Big Bang?

    Can anyone explain how all the mass-energy was accumulated into the "singularity"?

    Where did the Energy in singularity come from? Could it be that human cosmologists are only stating an unproven theory? We know that energy can be transformed into mass, and mass into energy. If the "singularity" contained all the energy and mass in the present universe, then you will have to admit that said energy and mass came from somewhere or something.
    So where did it come from?
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    it is possiable that there is a thing called the multi verse, were that if the weak, strong, gravitational and em force united a certain point than there would be a universe before our universe
    we know this becouse if that happens then as the universe contracts to about the planck length, it begins to grow again and so it turns to a different universe, so our energy could be from a distant past universe
    but there is the problem of cause and effect, e.g. who created the world? god, Who created God? This could be more of a philosphy question.
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    Unknown. The big bang theory only takes us back to the first tick of planck time. It may have been preceeded by other 'universes' and arose from a 'bounce', or it may have originated from 'nothing' as the consequence of a random quantum fluctuation. It's all purely speculative at this time, and likely to remain so for the foreseable future.
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