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Where do I learn different physics concepts?

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    I am extremely interested in what I assume would be called particle physics. I want to learn all about basically elementary particles and their interactions, however in my high school physics course thus far we have only really gone over simple vectors and such. We aren't even learning about any of the three fundamental forces that aren't gravity (strong, weak and electromagnetic).
    I'm wondering when in the education system (I'm in Ontario, Canada) there is a focus on the particle physics I'm talking about, or more 'theoretical' physics, or even more generally what are the main things taught in high school level physics.
    Thanks in advance.
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    I believe you'd need the foundation of the lower physics classes before you could really understand particle physics. University classes will be your best bet.

    Be patient, grasshopper.
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    Self-study is your only real option. You will need to learn a lot of mathematics and quantum physics to understand where the standard model comes from and what the equations mean, but if you would be satisfied to learn about the particles and how they are classified then that is a reasonable short-term goal. I suggest the web as a good starting point, just search for "standard model."
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    Generally, in American universities, you will start getting into this other stuff probably your junior year of college (and continuing through grad school).
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    A good starting point for this is the Particle Adventure site, put together by the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.
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    Thank you, I just really didn't know what to expect when I enrolled in the physics class, and was rather disappointed when we concentrated on calculating displacements and such.
    I suppose I might go into self study, although my current mathematical knowledge is rather limited.
    Thanks to you all
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