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Where do they go?

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    I have to buy more measuring cups. I have 4 nested sets and the 1/4 cup measure is missing from three of the sets. I also only have 1 full cup measure. I live alone. These are my dry measuring cups, my wet measures are all there.

    I bought 6 new pairs of socks a year ago and a couple of months ago had to buy several more pairs becuase I no longer had any matching socks. I've already lost 2 socks. How do they disappear between the bedroom and the laundry room next to my kitchen? I've looked on the sides and back of the washer and dryer to see if they might have fallen, but don't see them.

    I use mechanical pencils and buy them in packs, I have two of the six pack I bought last year. They're refillable, I don't throw them away.

    I know the sock thing happens to everyone, but does anyone else notice that they have things that just seem to "disappear"?
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    look over in one of your daughter's cabinet for the measuring cup----you could have brought it over there, or she could have 'borrowed' it...
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    She doesn't cook and would never be caught near my kitchen.
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    maybe its in your dryer vent hose
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    I've dropped things right next to my chair on the carpet before and never saw them again for the rest of my life. It makes no sense.
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    Look in the sock drawer in your laundry dryer. That's where I found mine.

    But really, I found they get stuck in jars that are used "often" in the cupboard or whatever.
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    you wouldn't believe the things a couch or chair will eat
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    When I was in school I used to put my pencils in my backpack. I would drop them down the side, or put them in the smaller zipper pocket, something like that. But I used to have the same problem. I used to think that there was a black hole in my bookbag somewhere that would eat my pencils because they would constantly go missing. I never really left my backpack unattended, and there were no holes for them to drop out of (I checked many many times), but alas, they still would disappear.

    You're right, the sock thing does happen to everyone... Although beaters have been doing it to me lately too. I used to have a bunch of gray and black ones, and then a bunch of white ones. I now have a bunch of white ones, maybe 3 gray ones, and 1 black one lol I have no idea where they could have gone....
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    Did you have guests over the holidays? Maybe one of them made coffee.
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    Perhaps sock manufacturers have discovered a way to make socks disintegrate after a number of washings? Do you ever notice that sometimes there is much more lint in the lint filter than usual? Probably the last wordly remains of a disintegrated sock.
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    My 1/4 cup measures reside in the cat food containers, so "the guys" don't overfeed the cats, or so "extra" overfeedings are at least limited to a 1/4 cup.

    I could see the cup getting accidentally thrown out when the bag got low, but fortunately we just switched to some containers that have seals (so the food doesn't get stale... Cha-cha, aka. "the smart kitty", doesn't like her food going stale, and refuses to eat food that's been out for over a half day. Big Man Mr. Steve, the not-so smart rambunctious kitten, really doesn't care about food freshness. He just prefers Cha-Cha's food.... preferably right as she's digging into it. :devil:)

    No... I don't pull out the 1/4 cup measures from the cat food containers for human use. :yuck: I can estimate a 1/4 cup from a half cup pretty well... and I think I have a separate of measures overall.... though since Little E arrived, I haven't done much baking, and have only used our liquid measures (for liquids and solids).
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    I had my group of about eight 'unmated' socks patiently waiting for over two years. When no mates ever showed up, I finally threw them away.

    I think I have another group of about eight unmated ones...

    patiently waiting...

    The question about the socks disintegrating...

    why do the manufacturers make only one sock that disintegrates?
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    This would explain alot.
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    sock disintegration is like radioactive decay. it's a random process. and more expensive socks have shorter half-lives.
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    Sometimes I really hate that guy named Random who invented that process.
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    :rofl: I would check to see if they are quantum tunneling back to the washer. :tongue2:
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    Check the dry containers. Like in the coffee container, sugar container,...
    Believe it or not, they can get through the filter and end up somewhere outside.

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    When items disappear, check the complex plane. The item could have just slipped off the real number line.

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    seriously tho, remove the drawers from your dresser/chest and see what has fallen over the back edge of the drawers
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