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Homework Help: Where is f continuous?

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    Well, my first question was answered so I figured I would post the second problem I had problems with. It is:

    [tex] f(x) = lim _{n->\infty}\frac{x^{2n} - 1}{x^{2n} + 1}[/tex]

    Where is f continuous? My first thought is that it is continuous everywhere since I can't find an x value that would make the bottom part of the fraction 0. Isn't that function 1 at for [tex]\infty < x \leq-1[/tex] or [tex] 1 \leq x < \infty[/tex] and -1 otherwise?
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    Lol, let's just pretend this question never happened ok?
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    I take it that means you've solved the question then?
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