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Where to direct my theory?

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    I have graduated from a computer institute in Egypt
    I was in the high school. It is called secondary school in Egypt
    I made the whole school and teachers feel inferior to me in math with its feeling
    For some reason I didn't join the faculty of science
    All this is not very important
    Now, I have a math theory which is new
    Now, what can I do because I don't know anything?
    Should I take it to the nearest university?
    Should I send it by mail or email to a university in USA?
    How can I register my theory to keep my right before sending it?
    What if this theory is very intelligent? What does it take to spread?
    Hatem Al-Naggar
    Computer Programmer. Egypt
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    To expand a little bit on what Greg said: our policy here is to discuss only theories which are already being discussed among professionals. This usually means that they have to be published in a reputable professional journal. See here for more details:


    in particular the section General Contents Guidelines.
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