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Where to sell scientific books?

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    I have quite a lot of classic science books, e.g. on solid state physics, chemistry which I would like to sell. I am not in a hurry. Any ideas? ( I know of some services where you enter the ISBN of a book and they offer you some money for it, but the prices are ridiculously low when you compare it e.g. to the prices at abebooks).
    It is not that I am mainly interested in making money out of them, but simply that the possibilities to find someone interested in non-fiction books are much more restricted.
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    Why not just Amazon or eBay? They have HUGE followings and you get to set the price you want (understanding that if you overprice it, it likely won't sell).
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    There are several sites on the web which handle scientific books, as well as general interest tomes.





    You can contact these sellers and see what their policies are about selling books from third parties.
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    Thank you for your proposals!
    Comparing the options, I think ebay is one of the cheapest possibilities. Amazon is quite expensive, as they take fees for listing, finishing and 15% of the money earned.
    Alibris is similar (19 $ per year +15% of the money earned).
    Most other sellers only offer to buy your books, but at ridiculous prices.
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    What kind of books do you have avail. ? Thanks.
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