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Which graduation degree to go for??

  1. Jul 3, 2015 #1
    Hello everyone,
    My younger sister just finished school and will be going for college, she wants to pursue astrophysics through INDIAN INSTITUTE FOR SPACE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. But before doing that she needs to get a graduation degree in either of the following. Please advice which one is better and will help her in her higher studies in astrophysics. Thanks in advance.
    BE/B. Tech or equivalent degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering,
    Electrical Engineering,
    Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Physical Science,
    Engineering Science,
    Engineering Physics.
    All the above are 4 years courses
    MS/M.Sc in Physics.
    This one is 5 years( 3 yrs bsc + 2 yrs MSc)
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    She wants to get a PhD in Astrophysics ?

    The best way to do that is to get a BSc in Physics and a MSc in Physics or Astrophysics if she has that possibility.
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    Thank for the reply. I will put this as my first priority then.
    I have query that bsc followed by msc will cost her 5 years and then if unfortunately she doesn't make it through the entrance exams of the collg that offers astrophysics she will have very limited job opportunites.
    If she does a Btech, that takes 4 years and if she unfortunately doesn't make it to the reqd collg she has some better job opportunities.
    So Please advice which of the listed Btech courses above she should go for.( this I'll keep as a back up in case she doesn't get bsc physics)
    I might be sounding a bit worried here, its just that I'm too protective of her and funds are limited too, still I want to provide her with the best that I can.
    Thanx in advance again.
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