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Which is next ?

  1. koria

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  2. iran

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  3. syria

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  4. saudia arabia

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  5. onther country

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  1. Apr 11, 2003 #1


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    which is next ?!!

    which country do you think is next in ameria war against WORLD will it be:
    syria : it doesn't agree with america and america don't have any control power in it ... nd america said that IRAQI leaders went to it
    koria : you know its problem
    saudia arabia : it is a big islamic ountry and they wnt to part it
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  3. Apr 11, 2003 #2
    Saudia Arabia is probably safe, some of the other ones probably not.
    If you are asking if I believe that what happened in Iraq will happen elsewhere then of course I would say that I do. I wonder what would happen if every country in the world met with US approval (by free will or force) and yet acts of terrorism did not ceaseā€¦
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    Saudi Arabia? No problem with them.

    Iran is also definitely a no-no. They're a lot more pro-US than a country like Iraq (was).

    Tony Blair has said that there will be no 'next country'. Him and Bush are becoming increasingly good friends - this might play a major part in disuading Bush from any action.

    I've said before that Syria haven't done themselves any favours in the last 3 weeks, what with rumoured transfer of night vision goggles to Iraq, as well as now freely accepting some fleeing regime members. So, I'm not sure there will be a 'next', but if there is then it would probably be NK or Syria.
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    As I stated last time this thread was started: you must first tell me which one will be next to use weapons of mass destruction, or launch an unprovoked attack on the US. THAT is the next nation that will find itself at war with the US.
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    Didn't this thread get locked once before?

    Physicsforums is a global community. There are likely members here from the countries you listed.

    I know that I for one would not want my country placed on the chopping block like you have done.
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