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B Which properties of photons carry info on size,width,height?

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    I know when we see an object then the frequencies of photons reflected from the object carry the information about the colors. Frequencies of visible spectrum helps us to visualize colors. However which properties of photons help us to estimate distance,speed,size,width,height,depth, plainness or roughness of the surface etc. ?
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    Honestly the best thing you could do is to forget about photons for the time being and focus on classical EM waves. You need to understand concepts in terms of EM waves before you can understand them in terms of photons anyways.

    None of these can be explained in terms of single photons or single EM waves. The ability to estimate distance, speed, size, etc is the result of the interaction of many EM waves with both the material/object in question and the optical system used to focus and detect the light. I'd start by looking into geometrical optics, which explains the various methods of how light is gathered and focused into an image and includes things like specular and diffuse reflection. That should provide you with enough information to answer most of these questions yourself. I don't mean to handwave you away, but what you're asking for is beyond my ability to explain in a forum thread.
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