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Which voltage option for single phase supply?

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    I am buying a high speed spindle from a company in Italy. They have two different voltage options available for the spindle which are either 220 or 380. I operate my CNC router using a single phase power supply. Can anyone confirm which voltage option I should go for.

    My business is located in the UK.
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    :smile: Hi, in my opinion you should go for 220V supply. It is single phase voltage between phase wire and neutral wire in the UK, if i'm not mistaken!
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    Well your system in the UK is probably a 220/380Y, 3ph, 4w, system correct? Your single phase power supply has both Voltage connection options? If so, then using the higher Voltage would allow you to use smaller conductors and equipment, except that the 380V option would require a 2 pole circuit breaker, the 220V a single pole breaker. If the equipment you have in place will work with both voltages, it is just a matter of selecting the most economical installation option.
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