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Which-way in mach-zender

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    can we find which-way in mach-zender? just like we do in double-slit

    like the one given below:

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mach%E2%80%93Zehnder_interferometer" [Broken]

    if so, what would the results be similar to double-slit? i.e. the photon will either take upper arm or lower arm path....in a random manner but not behave as if it took both at the same time....
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    In MZ the wave takes both paths (it's not a problem for a wave), so it cannot be used for a which-way detector of a wave. But if you think that photon is not a wave but a particle that takes a single path, then you must use a concrete interpretation of QM different from the standard interpretation. The best known interpretation of this kind is the Bohmian one, but in this case the actual trajectory is ╦Łopposite╦Ł to the naive classical trajectory.
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