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Who has had more influence?

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    Hey Everyone ,

    I am still working on my Ph.D. thank you all for your support. I have not had much contact with my advisor since my last post, so I am trying to write my thesis on my own :). In my introduction I would like to include a section on the history of Math/Physics and some of the greats who have called this sport their past-time. I watched Brian Greens nova special when I was an undergrad and that's what got me into physics, however, it seems like some people don't have such a high opinion of him. I asked around and it seems like the most respected scientists include Ed Witten, Sheldon Glashow and few others I can't remember. How come i have never heard of these people? Growing up I heard a lot about Sagan, Green, Dawkins and people told me THEY were the best. What is your opioion, I only have enough room for a few scientists and I want them to be top notch.

    Enjoy your day :)
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    Those are all very public names, well known to non-scientists. Their job has been making science interesting to a wider audience. Most scientists that are well-established in their field aren't well known by the general public, but are known by other scientists in their field.
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    What about Newton, Liebnitz, Lagrange, Laplace, Euler, Gauss, Reimann, Hilbert, Einstein, Bohr, Dirac, Heisenberg, Feynman, Dyson, Wheeler, Weinberg...

    There are so many. It would help if we knew the focus of your thesis and why you feel this would be a good introduction. Maybe the Giants whose shoulders you are now standing ie the basis of your thesis would be the ones to thank.
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