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Why can't I edit my profile?

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    A warm hello to all of you.


    As you would have noticed, I am a newbie here.

    There seems to be a problem when I click on the "edit my profile" button.

    When I click it, it says "you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons"

    Why does it do that?

    I am posting freely , so I have obviously activated my account.

    What is the problem, and what can I do to to fix it?
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    Did you sent the mentors a candy gram? I find it helps.
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    All I can suggest for now is trying again later in case it's just some forum glitch. If it persists, Greg or Chroot, our admins, will have to check into why there's a permission problem.
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    Perhaps if one logs out and logs back in, that might clear up a remnant setting.
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